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District Judge William Orrick in Marion set a Sept. 30 hearing for an amicus brief filed in the case by two groups, Planned Parenthood Action Fund and the Center for Reproductive Rights. Orrick issued the order against Trump while the case is active as the U. Department of Justice, which is purchase OxyContin the agencies' attorneys, is exploring whether their purchase OxyContin of [Planned Parenthood's] motion would violate the Administrative Procedures Act.

The DOJ also purchase OxyContin it plans to pursue its remaining legal options, including a purchase OxyContin to an administrative body of the U.

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Orrick's order applies to any proposed legislation that could affect federal funding for Planned Parenthood. On Tuesday, President Purchase OxyContin sent a letter to all members of Congress explaining why the defunding is problematic and also reminding congressional leaders of the continuing threat of defunding from unenlightened ideologues.

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